Contact Us to Make a Reservation!

Thanks for stopping by The Desert Lily website! if you'd like to make a reservation or just have a question, please use the form below to drop us a line or email us directly at Or you can call us at  760-366-4676.

Stuff to Note:

  • The rooms at The Desert Lily B&B are $165 per evening double occupancy and $155 per evening for the single traveler, plus tax.
  • Weekend reservations require a two day stay unless there is an unusual availability. The single night rate is $175, plus tax.
  • Holiday periods may also have minimum stays.
  • We accept Visa and Mastercard, traveler's checks, and of course, cash. Personal checks need to include payment in full and arrive at least two weeks before your stay.
  • While children are absolutely welcome in all the private guest homes, the bed and breakfast may not be appropriate for small children, please inquire when booking.
  • Now open all year!!!!